Positive Progress


"I have made more progress with Cristina in the last month than I have in years! Her positive energy and encouragement has made all the difference in my efforts."

3,000 Sq. Ft. in 2.5 Weeks

Donna S.

Nancy K.

"Cristina was a tremendous help with clearing out the house so it could be

put on the market."


“I know for a fact I couldn’t have done it without Cristina, especially under the

time constraints. Even though it isn't her stuff, she takes pride and interest in

her client's success. With the MaxSold sale, she cared enough to watch the

auction and even tallied up the sales."

Downsizing Success

Kristin H.

"Cristina helped me over a couple of months as I was downsizing and preparing

for a move. We sorted and organized my belongings, identified things to be

tossed or donated, planned for storage and staging, packed for the movers and

did the final cleaning and clearing out in preparation for closing. Cristina helped

me navigate all of that with excellent suggestions, intelligent initiatives and her natural gift for organizing items and creating a smooth workflow. She listens well and was kind, diplomatic and sympathetic when I was stressed. Her hard work, companionship and good cheer during this difficult time made all the difference."

Destination Declutter

Bonnie D.

"We lived in our 2 story house for 24 years. Even though we decluttered annually, we accumulated things for sentimental, emotional and practical reasons. When it was time to downsize there was too much to do. We were moving into square footage half the size and realized we had to get rid of things. The task was monumental. Who do you go to for help? You want an objective opinion but with understanding. Solutions for Stuff provided that understanding for me. She listened to my concerns, helped me see various options, and allowed me to make the final decision."

Organized for Action

Nancy T.

"Solutions for Stuff was such a great help in organizing my kitchen. I love to cook but always had a hard time finding things and cupboards always looked like a tornado had been through them. Now everything is organized so I can find what I need. My kitchen finally works for me! I love it!"