Kitchen Mixer Lift

When organizing a kitchen, I place items so they are accessible but do not take up valuable counter space. There is an additional challenge when items are very large or heavy. KitchenAid mixers can weight up to 30 pounds and take up a fair amount of counter space. Their placement is also limited by the need for a power outlet. Most clients must decide between keeping their mixer on the counter (which takes up valuable prep-space) or storing it elsewhere (which means hauling it out for each use).

A recent client consulted me before remodeling her kitchen. We decided to add a mechanized lift for her KitchenAid mixer. As you can see it in the video, it's very easy to use. The power cord fits through a hole in the shelf and plugs into an outlet in the cabinet. I custom-cut grip liner for the shelf to add extra cushion. Take a look!