"Just In Case"

Updated: Apr 15, 2019

In the past, I would keep things simply because "I might use it again" or "it would make a really great ____." Things like plastic yogurt containers, scenic wall calendars, and potential craft items would crowd my cupboards and lurk in my closets.

Now, as a Professional Organizer, I understand that those sentiments can lead to clutter in my living space! Here are my tips for keeping "just in case" items:

Question yourself

Before you tuck the item away, ask yourself: What is the likelihood that I would use this in the future? How easy is this to replace, if I do end up needing it?

Impose a deadline

Keep the item for a few months (or up to year, if it is seasonal). When the time is up, reevaluate your initial decision. Did you end up using it? Did you even remember it was there?

Restrict the space

Allow yourself a certain amount of space for "just in case" items. This can be a shelf, drawer, or container. Once it becomes full, you have to let something go before adding a new item!

Set a limit

Plan to keep only a certain number of each item. For example, if you like to save plastic containers, allow yourself to keep a few and then recycle the rest!